The Iowa Mountaineer, Inc., and the Ebert Family philosophy has always been to schedule only the amount of trips that we could personally handle and operate safely and that we could personally and properly lead and manage to the best of our abilities. We have always remained with our specialties; mountain climbing and mountain trekking. Every trip that the Iowa Mountaineers, Inc. scheduled always exceeded the absolute highest standards, and always exceeded the absolute highest standards of safety. The Iowa Mountaineers always depended on repeat business and word of mouth advertising. Most people that had joined the Iowa Mountaineers traveled with them to nearly every trip destination that they offered in seventeen Alpine countries. They always promised to treat every person that joined them on their trips as family. They promised to give you the best trip experience; the best mountain fellowship; the best trip value for your dollar including the most experienced, the safest and most qualified trip leaders in the industry; and the safest outdoor adventure experience. They helped tens of thousands of people to make their mountain adventure dreams come true.

    They always had a strong non-discrimination policy and they maintained one of the strongest non-discrimination policies in the travel adventure industry. An example of their strong non-discrimination policy of the past reflects in their historic history of hundreds of first woman mountain ascents throughout the world, their use of many female climbing leaders and guides and having and using one of the first African American mountain climbing guides in North America 1948-1961. Everyone got a chance to participate. They even had a woman who successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro 19,340 feet, Africa's highest mountain, who a couple of years previously had a four-vessel coronary bypass heart operation. People from all walks of life and from all ethnic and religious backgrounds have depended on the Iowa Mountaineers, Inc. to make their outdoor adventure dreams come true.

    Over 78,000 people, from all fifty states, have participated on 2526 Iowa Mountaineer's outings, expeditions, and courses that were led, taught and guided by S. John Ebert, and Jim Ebert, over the past 61 years. This includes guiding Iowa Mountaineer members to the summits of 1300 of the highest and most famous mountain peaks in seventeen Alpine countries.  



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