Facts About the Iowa Mountaineers



Incredible Participation

Over 76,000 people, from all fifty states, have participated on 2526 Iowa Mountaineer's outings, expeditions, and courses that were led, taught and guided by S. John Ebert, and Jim Ebert, over the past 61 years. This includes guiding Iowa Mountaineer members to the summits of 1300 of the highest and most famous mountain peaks in seventeen Alpine countries.


Largest University Mountaineering Club in the World

The Iowa Mountaineers, Inc. became the largest University [Of Iowa] mountaineering club in the world, with over 6000 members participating each year on the Club's annual training courses, taught by Jim Ebert, many of whom then traveled with S. John and Jim Ebert to many foreign mountaineering and hiking destinations around the world.


Largest Training Mountaineering Club in the World

The Iowa Mountaineers became the largest outdoor mountain training organization in the World with over 6000 students each year taking Jim Ebert's rock climbing, backpacking, ice climbing, mountaineering, hiking, cross-country skiing and winter mountain survival training courses. No other mountaineering club or guide service in the world had as many people taking their training courses each year, as did the Iowa Mountaineers.


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