The Iowa Mountaineers, Inc. was founded by S. John and Ede Ebert in 1940. The Iowa Mountaineers began as a University of Iowa Mountaineering Club. In 1943 the Iowa Mountaineers became incorporated as a not for profit Iowa corporation.

    The Iowa Mountaineers, under the direction of S. John and Jim Ebert, have specialized in mountain climbing and hiking in the European Alps since 1954. S. John Ebert and Jim Ebert, have directed, and guided the ascents of over 100 of the highest peaks in seven European Alpine Countries. Over 250 Iowa Mountaineer Members have climbed to the summit of the famous Matterhorn (14,688 feet) in Switzerland; over 200 members have climbed Monte Rosa (15,199 feet), Switzerland's highest peak; 250 members have climbed Mont Blanc (15,770 feet), the highest peak in France and in the European Alps; 250 members have climbed the Grosse Glockner, the highest peak in Austria; over 250 members have climbed the Grosse and Klinne Zinnen, the highest peak in the Dri Zinnen Region of the Italian Dolomites; over 280 people have climbed Marmolada by many routes, the highest peak in the Italian Dolomites; over 125 members have climbed the Ortler, Italy's highest peak; over 150 people have climbed the Dachstein, the highest peak in the old Yugoslavia to name a few of the many popular European Alpine ascents that have been ascended by Iowa Mountaineer Members over the years.


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